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The Best Mortgage Broker in Los Angeles, Will Help You Find the Perfect Mortgage for Your Situation in Any Market

With so much money at stake, and the legal details so hard to fathom, home buyers are justified in being cautious about their decision to take out a mortgage. Whether you are a seasoned homeowner, first-time homebuyer, refinancing for cash out or a lower rate, or considering an investment or commercial property, the best mortgage broker in Los Angeles, CA, suggests you learn as much as you can about the mortgage process.

If you are like most buyers seeking a mortgage, the most important questions on your mind will usually include:

  • When do I lock?

  • What will be the amount of down payment?

  • How much can I afford?

  • What is my credit score and how will that affect my mortgage?

  • Should I use mortgage insurance from the FHA or private mortgage insurance?

  • What kind of mortgage do I need?

  • What will be the fees and costs?

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Named Best in the West
#1 Mortgage Broker
in Los Angeles

Bill Rayman spent much of his early career at NBC-TV as part of the team that developed the original Saturday Night Live1. He has not lost any of his comedic wit now that he's helping folks with home mortgages in good times and the not-quite-so good times. Bill explains: "Refinancing a home or getting a mortgage for a new home may not be a laughing matter, especially in turbulent times, but working with stand-up professionals is the surest way to ensure your positive experience and a happy outcome."


Besides keeping the mood light, Bill wants to be sure that he offers much more than the average mortgage broker. "My goal is to keep my clients well informed – certainly about rates, but also about all of the factors that affect their choices, opportunities, and decisions.


In these crazy times, many homeowners and first-time homebuyers have absorbed from the media a few critical misunderstandings. The news gives folks the impression that there aren't any loans to be had, or that you need a huge credit score and a gazillion dollars to get a good rate. This just isn't true. Many banks are lending aggressively with excellent rates to qualified buyers. But many of my competitors are unaware which banks are making what kinds of loans – in large part because few of them have access to the full network of the lenders.


Lenders have drastically reduced the number of brokers they work with. To be effective today, you need to have correspondent relations with conventional Fannie Mae lenders, solid jumbo loan options, government loans such as FHA and VA, private money, portfolio lending, and alt doc programs for borrowers who do well but whose income isn’t reflected on their tax returns."


"By carefully analyzing my clients’ wants, determining the right type of loans, then pairing them up with the exact banks that are seeking that kind of customer, we create outstanding deals. The net result:  We meet people's needs. We make people happy!"


America Top10 named Bill Rayman the #1 broker in Los Angeles a few years ago. Bill is based in West Los Angeles, where the majority of Bill's friends and clients are clustered, but he is capable of handling loans anywhere in the U.S. mainland and Hawaii. "I do regret that I never get to meet face-to-face with 90% of my clients.  On the plus side, that means that only 10% know I'm not the spitting image of Brad Pitt or shoot webs from my wrists. Give me a call."

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